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Our Story

Travis Chicken Limited is an integrated agribusiness specialising in poultry farming. Established in 2011, Travis chicken is an organic frozen chicken brand that prides itself on offering high quality white meat (whole chicken and premium cuts) to consumers and customers in Lagos.

The company source its birds (day old chicks) from a select number of hatcheries and works closely with our out-grower partners to ensure our birds are raised free range (not in cages) and fed an organic diet using Travis’s special feed formulation (our in-house recipe) and technology to achieve a balanced healthy diet.

Our chicken is slaughtered and processed using the latest technology and state of the art machinery to achieve a high-quality yield for our meat and our flash freezing techniques developed over the years guarantee freshness and a preservative free product.

With an estimated production capacity of 20,000 birds per farming cycle, Travis Chicken has gained measurable growth and brand awareness for its range of products in the broiler chicken market space. This milestone achievement recorded by Travis (being increase in demand of 8% average year-in-year since 2012 ) was as result of the strategic plan for the brand, experience, customer focus services and sales orientation of the Travis team.

As well as offering well known premium cuts such as split breast, thighs, whole wings, drumettes, wingettes, drumsticks, laps and gizzards all packaged and sold in convenient 1kg packs.

We also offer budgets packs such as half chicken, necks, liver, head and feet ensuring that we cater for all budgets.

Travis Chicken can also supply to a client’s specific needs if the particular cut they require is not currently in our pack production.

What we do?

Free Shipping

orders over ₦10,000

Same Day Delivery

for all Orders before 6pm

Working Hours

Mon-Sun: 9am-7pm

Delivery Hours

Mon-Sun: 8am-7pm

Telephone Ordering

+234 1 9055 493 054


Home Delivery

Place your order before midday and get free delivery to your home the following day in certain areas – a minimum order value of N10,000. is required.  The following areas are covered for free next day delivery – Outside of these areas delivery charges start from N1,000

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Special Cuts Pre-order

Have a special cut in mind that is not featured on our page – let us know and we can customise your order. A minimum order of 20kg is required for special cuts and we aim to deliver within two days.



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Catering Services (Smoke/Grills)

Have a special event that you need catered – we offer a delicious grills/smokes service – from succulent chicken or ram suya, spicy jerk chicken to our special hot wings  . Please contact us for more details.


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Reasons for Choosing Travis Chicken

Simply Organic

No growth promoters, No anabolic steroids

Fresh and Meaty

Flash frozen to assure freshness. Feed formulation and processing techniques to yield high quality meat

Affordable Pricing

Product range cater to all budgets

Flexibility and Convenience

You don’t have to buy a whole chicken to enjoy your favourite part simply buy 1kg of your favourite chicken part conveniently and stress free.  

Variety in Product Packs

Multi product range catering to your preference.

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